Settlement Purchasing

How to realize immediate value from your class action settlements

Utilizing today's technology, it is possible to do more than the common procedure of simply filing claims paperwork and then waiting for claims payments. The Cascade Solution involves projecting the award for each claim. Based on this projection, Cascade can buy the rights to your claims, delivering immediate liquidity and transferring to Cascade the risks associated with owning these claims.

Payment risk management via monetization

Claims awards are highly unpredictable and volatile both in timing and amount. The Cascade Solution reduces this volatility through the valuation and outright purchase of a client's claim awards, in whole or in part. Monetization provides immediate liquidity for an illiquid, hard-to-value asset and reduces the risk associated with future cash flows that are uncertain in both timing and amount.

Let us help you meet your fiduciary duties

Recent events affect both the perceptions and legal framework within which fiduciaries operate. Given the weakened economy, it is important to demonstrate a commitment to maximizing value. The Cascade Solution supports fiduciaries in demonstrating that they have exercised their sound business judgment through the analytical process utilized to uncover and value assets.

The Cascade Solution can be implemented for companies or institutional investors at any stage of their business cycle. In this era of increased scrutiny and heightened concern for maximizing value, it is prudent to implement a standard best practices procedure for monitoring and filing for class action settlements. The Cascade Solution provides the necessary expertise and documentation to fulfill these needs.

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